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Ricky Pataky:

Ricky has been trail riding for almost 30 years. He bought his first bike from close friend, Mike Day, a 1976 YZ-80. 

After a few years of mashin' on the YZ, Ricky went green and bought his first Kawasaki KX in 1981. He hasn't looked back, still riding Kawasaki to this day. 


Ricky started riding motocross in 2007, and started competing in 2008. As a top points holder in the Atco Raceways' 12 race series, in Atco, New Jersey, HE went on to qualify for the Tri-State Championship Series.


 On a mission in the 2009 season, Ricky had an unfortunate incident when he double rutted and blew his knee out.


Ricky began training Jimmy Ivy after his injury. Ricky designed a training and nutrition program that helped earn Jimmy a championship that year. 

Ricky has also worked with several other riders in New Jersey, before relocating to Monroe, Georgia to open Scrubndirt.

Were ricky makes riders programs along with rider suport ,training..



In 2010, Ricky & lori met Judy Krieger of Monroe, GA. A deal was worked out for Scrubndirt to open at A Place to Ride, located at 1217 Roscoe Davis Rd, Monroe, GA.  





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